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Vector Marketing offers Skills For Life.

Vector Marketing Corporation is an international direct sales company that markets Cutco Cutlery; the World's Finest Cutlery.

Vector Marketing has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last five years. Today, Vector Marketing has over 200 offices throughout North America. Currently, Vector Marketing annual sales are well over 200 million dollars (US); a compelling testament to the fundamental beliefs of Vector Marketing's business: People, Products, and Programs.

The lifeblood of success for Vector Marketing can be traced to the amazing people who have had a direct impact on Vector Marketing's growth and prosperity. Vector Marketing Skills for Life offers a glimpse into the personal views of those who have had the opportunity to learn first-hand how the Vector Marketing experience was so beneficial to them. Whether it's a skill they inherited through time, or simply an emotion that allowed their professional career to take shape, these specific examples are shared.

The stories are a result of the hard work and dedication each individual applied to themselves in order to be the best they could be, and what it took to excel in the business realm. We hope that these chronicled accounts serve as an example to all those who are striving to achieve their goals.

Former Vector Marketing sales rep Jaime Nespor has a resume that’s impressive at any age. Business savvy, sales skills and management experience all by the time she was 22 and all thanks to her two years selling CUTCO Cutlery.

Anthony Gonzalez offers has advice for new reps. “"Don't give up. Put your best foot forward and jump in with both feet. You will go through trials and tough times, but work with the numbers – do a lot of appointments and set yourself up for success.”

Mike Meditz, a systems engineer with a communications company in California, believes much of his business success today stems from his experience selling Cutco cutlery as a college student.

Trading in a successful corporate career for the unknown of starting your own business would scare many, but not Veronica Mollica. She says her Vector experience gave her the courage to found Indigo Staffing.

Danny Seo, real estate entrepreneur, said everyone needs the Vector experience because selling Cutco teaches you the golden rule that can be applied to any career. What’s the rule? Learn to sell.

Because of her Vector experience, Jenny Lee developed a skill set that has helped her create a successful career in finance and beyond. At each progression in her career she has been able to utilize the sales, managerial and entrepreneurial skills that she developed from her Vector experience.

Dr. Jeff Auerbach credits his experience with Vector for providing him with skills that enabled him to be not only a successful psychologist, but an author, public speaker and consultant as well.

It's hard to comprehend that one small act can change the course of a person's life, but that's just how leadership coach Fi Mazanke feels about a phone call she made to a CUTCO office in 1984.

Joe Dominick said he got to where he is today because of the strong start he had in the business world selling CUTCO Cutlery while a student at Western Maryland College.