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Skills for Life Intro

Vector Marketing offers skills for life.

Vector Marketing has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last five years. Today, Vector Marketing has over 200 offices throughout North America. Currently, Vector Marketing annual sales are well over 200 million dollars (US); a compelling testament to the fundamental beliefs of Vector Marketing's business: People, Products, and Programs.

The lifeblood of success for Vector Marketing can be traced to the amazing people who have had a direct impact on Vector Marketing's growth and prosperity. Vector Marketing Skills for Life offers a glimpse into the personal views of those who have had the opportunity to learn first-hand how the Vector Marketing experience was so beneficial to them. Whether it's a skill they inherited through time, or simply an emotion that allowed their professional career to take shape, these specific examples are shared.

The stories are a result of the hard work and dedication each individual applied to themselves in order to be the best they could be, and what it took to excel in the business realm. We hope that these chronicled accounts serve as an example to all those who are striving to achieve their goals.

"The Vector experience gave me such an edge - it's made all the difference"

- Jenny Lee

"Even if this amazing opportunity didn't pay a cent, my father said the experience alone would still be worth it"

- Jaime Nespor

"Everything. Absolutely everything I use in my business today I learned at Cutco"

- Mary Heim

"Don't give up. Put your best foot forward and jump in with both feet. You will go through trials and tough times, but work with the numbers – do a lot of appointments and set yourself up for success"

- Anthony Gonzales

Success Stories

Andy Hammond

It (Cutco) puts you light years ahead of your peers. You are in a league of your own because it offers the opportunity to go well beyond a regular college job.

Andy Hammond Success Story

Anthony Gonzales

If he could do it, so could I, says Anthony Gonzales, about his friend who was having success selling Cutco. As a junior in college Anthony saw the Vector Marketing opportunity as a way to make good money and still have time to concentrate on his studies and play on the school football team.

Anthony Gonzales Success Story

Ashley Hodge

Cutco Sales Experience Gave Financial Planner An Edge His Field. Today Ashley runs a successful business in financial services.

Ashley Hodge Success Story

Brendan Donohue

It (the Vector Marketing experience) teaches you how to know your market and figure out ways to get into that market. You learn how to qualify your prospects which is essential.

Brendan Donohue Success Story

Brian Beam

Brian Beam, owner and president of The P.O.P. Shop, said it takes more than a college degree to make it in business, you need the real life experience employers are looking for.

Brian Beam Success Story

Brian Daniel

You can make a lot of money. It's (Cutco) a great product he said, but as much as he enjoyed the money, he said the Vector Marketing experience offers a lot more.

Brian Daniel Success Story

Cindy (Bauer) Gamrat

Selling Cutco for four years while studying at the University of Michigan gave Cindy the opportunity at a young age to gain confidence, business savvy, poise, financial planning know-how and communication skills that many people never see in a lifetime.

Cindy (Bauer) Gamrat Success Story

Corey Lilburn

Insurance agent Corey Lilburn believes his Vector Marketing experience gave him the tools to get from being a freshman in college to a professional working with a Fortune 100 company.

Corey Lilburn Success Story

Dan Deckard

Money can be spent but nobody can ever take those skills away from you. What I learned are skills that I'll use for a lifetime.

Dan Deckard Success Story

Danny Seo

Danny Seo, real estate entrepreneur, said everyone needs the Vector Marketing experience because selling Cutco teaches you the golden rule that can be applied to any career.

Danny Seo Success Story

David Assenheimer

David Assenheimer's experience with Vector was the cornerstone from which he built his successful banking career.

David Assenheimer Success Story

Dr. Eric Patterson

Sales rep turned college professor sees value of Cutco and Vector Marketing for anyone.

Dr. Eric Patterson Success Story

Dr. Jeff Auerbach

Dr. Auerbach joined Vector Marketing after seeing an advertisement in the library of Temple University where he was a freshman.

Dr. Jeff Auerbach Success Story

Dr. Terry Smith

For Dr. Terry Smith, an important part of learning to be a doctor was the education he received selling Cutco.

Dr. Terry Smith Success Story

Elizabeth Rhodes

Playmore International CEO Elizabeth Rhodes is in control of her destiny. She said she learned how to take charge of her life and success through Vector.

Elizabeth Rhodes Success Story

Eric Zimmerman

Financial planner credits Vector Marketing for developing people skills.

Eric Zimmerman Success Story

Fi Mazanke

It's hard to comprehend that one small act can change the course of a person's life, but that's just how leadership coach Fi Mazanke feels about a phone call she made to a Cutco office in 1984.

Fi Mazanke Success Story

Gus Brabham

It (the Vector Marketing experience) teaches you how to know your market and figure outways to get into that market. You learn how to qualify your prospects which is essential.

Gus Brabham Success Story

Hiram Sasser

No matter what field you wind up in, the skills you gain selling Cutco will be an asset. In fact, attorney Hiram Sasser, Director of Litigation for Liberty Legal Institute, found that he has directly applied his Vector experience to his legal work today.

Hiram Sasser Success Story

Jaime Nespor

Former Vector sales rep Jaime Nespor has a resume that's impressive at any age. Business savvy, sales skills and management experience all by the time she was 22 and all thanks to her two years selling Cutco Cutlery.

Jaime Nespor Success Story

James Arredondo

Vector Marketing: People Skills Learned Selling Cutco Help Pave Road To Success.

James Arredondo Success Story

Jane Glucksman

The more people you show Cutco to the more people will buy Cutco. And as you work the business you'll find the value of the Vector Marketing experience - your first big career move.

Jane Glucksman Success Story

Jason Farrell

Most of my life was sports. That's what I succeeded in. Vector Marketing gave me the confidence that I could succeed in something else.

Jason Farrell Success Story

Jenny Lee

Because of her Vector experience, Jenny Lee developed a skill set that has helped her create a successful career in finance and beyond.

Jenny Lee Success Story

Jim Novitsky

In sales if you have a great product for your customer it is your duty to help them make the right investment in that product

Jim Novitsky Success Story

Jim Stein

My Vector Marketing sales experience showed my employers that I had initiative and was a self-starter. Learning Discipline, Presentation Skills Pays Off For Former Sales Rep.

Jim Stein Success Story

Joe Dominick

Vector Marketing: Working as a Sales Rep, Branch Manager and a Sales Manager for three summers, the 22-year-old Baltimore, Md., man said he developed his business savvy, learned goal-setting and communication skills and, most importantly, gained the confidence it took to get in on a business that is expected to bring in $1.5 million in 2004 – its second year of operation.

Joe Dominick Success Story

John Pepper

John Pepper believes the secret to his success today lies in the experiences he had selling Cutco as a Dartmouth College student in 1990.

John Pepper Success Story

Jordan Lewis

The Vector Marketing experience isn't only about selling - it's about developing leadership, dedication, confidence and so much more, according to former Field Sales Manager Jordan Lewis.

Jordan Lewis Success Story

Kerry Oliver

Most of my life was sports. That's what I succeeded in. Vector Marketing gave me the confidence that I could succeed in something else.

Kerry Oliver Success Story

Laura Gregory

Laura built a resume around her Vector experience. Her skills included strategic planning, sales and time management, highlighted by national sales awards and honors.

Laura Gregory Success Story

Mary Heim

Cutco molds former sales rep into young professional.

Mary Heim Success Story

Matt Mish

The essence of success as a Vector Marketing sales representative lies in hard work. The more you put into the job the more you'll get out of it.

Matt Mish Success Story

Megan Silveus

When Megan Silveus sold Cutco during her summers as a college student she didn't know she was preparing for the interview that would lead to her dream job.

Megan Silveus Success Story

Michael Morley

Michael added that having solid experience to put on a resume was another benefit of his Vector Marketing experience.

Michael Morley Success Story

Mike Meditz

I learned a lot about building friendships and respect – people have to trust you and you need to know how to give them self-confidence.

Mike Meditz Success Story

Paulette Tucciarone

When Paulette Tucciarone graduates medical school in 2004 it's her Vector Marketing experience that has fully prepared her to accept the responsibility of the doctors' Hippocratic oath.

Paulette Tucciarone Success Story

Ranjeet Pawar

Vector Marketing lessons learned Sselling Cutco lead to entrepreneurial success.

Ranjeet Pawar Success Story

Sheryl Argila

Former Vector sales rep Sheryl Argila may hold a teaching degree but instead of being in the classroom she's opted for the financial freedom a job in sales offers.

Sheryl Argila Success Story

Stephen Jerome

The rich, seven-year experience he had being part of the Vector Marketing team opened up career options for him he likely wouldn't have considered otherwise.

Stephen Jerome Success Story

Tony Chivari

For Tony Chivari, selling Cutco with Vector Marketing wasn't just a summer job; it was the key to landing a job right out of college with Spiegel where he is currently Senior Vice President of Marketing and Internet.

Tony Chivari Success Story

Veronica Mollica

Trading in a successful corporate career for the unknown of starting your own business would scare many, but not Veronica Mollica. She says her Vector Marketing experience gave her the courage to found Indigo Staffing.

Veronica Mollica Success Story

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